This is the first cross-provincial ecological restoration project in China and it’s a design that is truly paving the way for the future. Green ecology and harmony is the theme and the end result is absolutely stunning.

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An aerial view of a park beside a river

Designed by the Tus-Design Group Co., Ltd, this incredible shoreline linkage project uses the shoal wetlands as part of the design. The Yangtze River is integrated into the design as well. The project’s aim was both to restore and improve the shoreline, creating a home for native plants, wildlife and people who want to come here and enjoy the natural beauty. There’s a lot of natural beauty to enjoy.

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A wooden house within a garden and a person walking along a path in front of it

Additionally, derived from the concept of natural fish migration and their relationship to the surface of the water, this design honors the water culture of the Yangtze River. The project was created so as not to disturb the natural patterns of the fish and provide a place for native plants to thrive.

A road way that cuts through a river

Moreover, GIS technology was used to simulate the current terrain, information that was used to calculate ways to integrate a sponge system with the landscape design. There’s a hidden flood control walkway, which combines the shoreline with plants, terrain and the existing surroundings. The walkway is hidden within the environment, which creates a more dynamic experience while walking.

A small house area in between a river

Meanwhile, the walking path is surrounded by native grasses and plants with stunning views all around. Ecological pavement leads past watery areas that are perfect for picnicking. There are public spaces everywhere and all of it honors nature.

A river and park with a bridge connecting the two sides

The water gate was restored and the path now connects key parts of the site, including the post station and the multi-functional lawn. The project uses native materials and modern design to create a space that is truly ecologically friendly.


Images via Tus-Design Group Co.,Ltd