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This one bedroom installation has been designed to last. Modeled after the famed Roi des Belges boat that carried Joseph Conrad through the heart of colonial Congo’s darkness, A Room for London features gorgeous timber finishings, handworked metals, porthole windows that issue plenty of natural light and afford extraordinary views of the city, as well as a dazzling variety of nautically-themed curios – a sterling example of creative reuse.

Not only is this a place for a few really lucky people to spend a night, but the project will be used throughout the year as a venue for writing, performance, and music gatherings. More than just a bizarre boat, this project encourages people to re-think the environment in which it is placed, which is not hard given that the nearest water, the River Thames, lies a few storeys below! Other Living Architecture projects feature work by such notable designers as MVRDV, NORD, and Peter Zumthor.

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