A Russian spacecraft currently in orbit 200km (124.27 miles) above Earth known as the Progress M-27M cargo vessel is spinning out of control as it orbits the Earth. Fortunately, the craft, which was launched from Kazakhstan on Wednesday, does not have any crew on board, but unless control can be regained, the spacecraft will return to Earth in it’s out of control spin and will likely explode upon re-entering the atmosphere in a spectacular fashion. The Progress M-27M was designed to carry cargo to the International Space Station and is carrying 2,357kg (5,196 pounds) of fuel and supplies – which should make the fireworks even more interesting. It is not known exactly what could have sent the spacecraft reeling, but a sudden release of gas, an explosion or even a rocket thruster that didn’t shut down could have caused it. In 1966, the Gemini VIII spacecraft piloted by Neil Armstrong had a similar rocket thruster issue and his piloting skills were required to save the craft.

Via Phys.org

Image via NASA