If you ask a woman what her life staples are, the cell phone and the little black dress would probably come up in conversation. So in the spirit of streamlining, the clever designers over at CuteCircuit have fashioned a sexy little number that does duty not only as a favored basic, but also as a soft-circuitry cell phone! Dubbed the ‘Little Black M-Dress’ (or Mobile Phone Dress), this body hugger has been made with luxurious silk jersey, and utilizes a standard SIM card with an antenna concealed in its seams. And if you’re one those ladies who always finds herself digging through a massive bag just to grab that ringing cellphone, you can finally keep your sanity as well as your perfectly manicured nails in tact – with built-in motion censors and gesture-recognition software, saying “Ciao!” simply means lifting or dropping your wrist.