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House in Yagi isn’t completely finished. In fact, the home was designed to not be completely finished even when the owner moved in – the concept was for the home to only meet the most basic needs. Suppose Design Office’s design allows the owner to use the blank space to do pretty much anything.

The ground floor is a vast open space with double-height ceilings. The simple dirt floor serves as a protected courtyard for play, relaxation, or reflection. A single tree planted in the middle of the room creates an immediate connection with nature, and the open windows without glass provide a direct link with the surrounding neighborhood. Fresh air, light, rain and wind can come in, but the interior is moderately protected from the elements. A long staircase climbs up the perimeter of the room into the enclosed living space above, which does have actual windows.

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Upstairs, the simple home features an open floor plan living, kitchen and dining space with a sliding glass window that serves as an entryway to the open-air courtyard below. Closed-off spaces provide room for the bathroom and bedroom. The simple and uncomplicated space can evolve as needed over time, or the owner can just enjoy the easy nature of the no-nonsense home.

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Images ©Toshiyuki Yano