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Dragons are pretty special, but this one is particularly unique since it actually lives and breathes (even if it’s not breathing fire). Tricoire’s Two-headed Dragon spans multiple stories in the atrium of the design expo, snaking upwards from an industrial-looking portal of water. Ironically, this dragon appears to have three “necks.” Made from yellow and red corrugated tubing that rise up nearly two floors and then reach in opposite directions, the necks stretch through open spaces and into the adjacent mezzanine areas. Along the back of each is a brilliant mane of foliage created with a diverse selection of leafy plants.

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Tricoire’s other projects are equally compelling. He frequently designs plant installations for public spaces like shopping centers and restaurants, finding subtle and unique ways to infuse urban life with vegetation. Many of his installations are ceiling-mounted, like the dragon, meant to hang over the heads of visitors much in the way the branches of a tall tree would do naturally. In other fixtures, he combines light and glass with plants for a symphony of colorful reflections. The Two-headed Dragon will be on display at The Docks at the City of Fashion and Design through September 20, 2015.

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