A Thousand Traps to Escape, lobster cages, Laval University, Krystina Tremblay, Olivier Lord, green design, sustainable design, temporary pavilion, community, communal space, public space, Quebec, Canada, Magdalen Islands, recycled materials, BOURGEOIS / LECHASSEUR ARCHITECTES

Located on the Magdalen Islands of Quebec, and completed in 2011, “A Thousand Traps to Escape” was an experimental project that was overseen by Krystina Tremblay and Olivier Lord. The long fluid site called for a complementary design, which is why the students chose to stack the simple traps on top of one another in a long line that ends in a circle. Its color and form blends in with the sand and sea, but stands in stark contrast to the red rocks scattered on the beach.

Conceived as something efficient, temporary, and spontaneous, this unique pavilion took just five days to transport, dismantle and then erect. Likewise, when its life comes to an end, it will be very easy to disassemble and move elsewhere, and it has such a tiny footprint, it will be like the lobster traps were never there to begin with. In the meantime, the circular space at the end is a great place for community bonfires and musical extravaganzas!

+ Bourgeois-Lechasseur Architectes

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