With a lightweight skin, recycled materials, solar power, and a somewhat crazy-lookin’ volcano-esque shape, this “cloud-covered” stadium in Zagreb has tons of eco-promise. Designed by Croatia-based njiric+ arhitekti, the Za(breg) Stadium is set to be a new landmark for the city center. Nicknamed the “Blue Volcano” by both the public and the press, the new stadium rises up from the city floor in a smooth arc to encapsulate the arena within.

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The stadium is constructed of lightweight materials – steel cables, EFTE membranes and a polycarbonate dome, reducing the need for an excess of resources. An artificial hill will hold the arena and is built up from recycled rubber, while the exterior surface is corrugated aluminum painted with blue pigment. The volcano-shaped building is topped with a dome, and a “floating cloud” covers the interior playing field. Lightweight photovoltaic panels are sewn into the zeppelin-like cloud and generate power for the stadium.

Surrounding the stadium are retail areas to make the site a multi-use development and the spacious grounds house more areas for the public to recreate. A skateboarding and climbing area are built into the side of the stadium and additional playing fields sit adjacent to the site. All in all, a good project for Croatia that could help unify the city with a fun and smart eco stadium.

+ njiric+ arhitekti

Via ArchDaily