Vojtěch Bilišič, A1, Hat Tea House, wooden shelter, tea ceremony, private shelter, Czech Republic, oak, burnt larch, teahouse

The tiny Hat Tea House features a structure made from oak and a burnt larch facade. Measuring 6 feet x 6 feet, the building invites visitors into its private, minimal space through a lifting wooden door. The tea house is A1’s third and smallest shelter – it has space for 2 guests and a host to enjoy a peaceful moment amidst a green environment.

A wide larch bench with handy drawers hidden underneath is the only piece of furniture in the tea house. Made wit the help of craftsman Vojtěch Bilišič, the hut’s wooden roof ends in a stunning skylight that naturally brightens the space. The building’s structure was inspired by a visit to the Takasugi-an teahouse in Nagano, Japan, however it was built using European materials and labor.

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