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Tea House in the Garden, Vojtech Bilisic, A1, Japanese tea ceremony, matcha, tea, burnt wood, paper ceiling, round shelter, Prague, Sustainable Building, Green Materials, Architecture

Situated within a slightly wild, graceful private garden, the Tea House offers a great space to retreat from the world. Its round shape takes the guests’ attention to the center where the tea is prepared, creating a close bond with all who are present. The mat was woven from dried plants, one wall was made from clay, and the ceiling boasts a huge paper dome that filters natural light creating a serene atmosphere inside.

Tea House in the Garden was designed by A1 and built with master of construction Vojtech Bilisic. It stands on stones, and the carpentry was built from oak covered with burnt larch cladding. A small sacred building where time flows at its own pace, Tea House in the Garden is the perfect space for quiet contemplation or gathering over a cup of matcha.

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