America’s largest motorist group, AAA, is doing their part to decrease range anxiety related to electric vehicles (EV) by deploying mobile EV charging units for drivers stranded without any juice. The company announced that they will begin unveiling and deploying six test vehicles in August that will be capable of quickly charging an EV on the road. The move by AAA is a smart one, and an indication that the company is already gearing up to meet the roadside needs of what is sure to be the future of America’s automobiles.

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AAA hasn’t unveiled what these mobile charging units will look like, but they plan to show the masses during the Plug-In 2011 Conference & Exposition in Raleigh, N.C in late July. “For more than 100 years, AAA has been a leader in addressing the needs of the motoring public. Dating back to the early days of the automobile, AAA has kept the pulse of the ever-changing automotive industry, and that continues today as we ready AAA’s emergency road service operations to address the emerging electric vehicle market,” said John Nielsen, AAA National Director of Auto Repair, Buying Services and Consumer Information.

AAA has amassed nearly 52 million members since the creation of the group in 1902, many of whom rely on the company for roadside assistance if their vehicle should break down. With all the talk in the press these days about electric vehicle driving range, this announcement by AAA and the future deployment of these mobile charging units should help quell some of the still prominent fears about how many miles an EV can go on one charge.

Via Bloomberg

Lead image: thekirbster