Named for the Hindi for the word “sky,” this dynamic Aakash skyscraper concept is an incredible tree-like structure that branches out above the city of Mumbai. Designed by British team Lemire Abdul Halim Chehab, Suraj Ramkumar Suthar, and Swapnil Sanjay Gawande, the futuristic scraper is a unique and sustainable answer to the pollution and overcrowding of India’s largest metropolis, supplying it with solar power collected by its lofty canopy. The high-flying concept was recently recognized with an honorable mention in the eVolo Skyscraper competition.

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Clustered atop the structure’s support trunks are dozens of helium balloons, both public and private. The centermost area of balloons consists of green terraces and public spaces that not only save room for the city below, but also clean Mumbai’s polluted air with generous amounts of oxygen from the trees and plants. Livable capsules surround the central structural core, creating a network of modular cells across the sky like a bouquet of balloons. Each private apartment bubble is two stories and soars nearly 200 feet above the roaring city, offering panoramic (and smog free) views with peaceful silence.

The outer surface of each bubble is covered in photovoltaic cells, making every single one a self-sustainable, solar powered pod. Now that is something we can look up to!

via eVolo