This clever pop-up Tree Bench was designed by Aandeboom, the Dutch team that brought us the clever P-Tree urinal. This quirky design takes the traditional park bench to another level by supporting it with a set of industrial straps, allowing it to hover over the ground while providing space for plants and grass to thrive beneath it. Designed for the Dutch city of Amersfoort, the temporary bench can be easily detached and moved to another tree, making it a useful solution for temporary outdoor seating. The design is also a brilliant way to make the most of the sunny spots in a park all year round, surprising visitors when they find it has been attached to a different nearby trunk!

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Constructed from waterproof laminated beechwood, Aandeboom’s Tree Bench is designed to provide a sturdy flexible seat without harming the tree that it’s strapped to. Although it may sound like a precarious seat to rest on, from these photos the bench looks sturdy and secure and unlikely to fall, given the strength of the straps. With spring on its way, Amersfoort residents and visitors may be able to take a relaxing and tentative seat on a Tree Bench soon enough.


Images courtesy of Aandeboom