Talk about a “face” lift! Making waves with his street art that transforms enormous abandoned structures into giant portraits, Russian artist Nikita Nomerz uses details already present at the sites he chooses to create his crazy faces. Nomerz travels to cities across his native country to make these creative pieces and as opposed to painting over a wall to create something clean and new, he uses the defects of each space as integral parts of his portraiture.

Nomerz, living wall, street art, abandoned buildings, artwork derelict spaces, public art

Adapting architecture such as ledges, windows, and walls, Nomerz takes what he finds and turns it into unique forms of modern art. The expressions are sometimes contorted or funny, and each one is entirely different depending on what features are available – for example rust, water damage or windows. This particular form of public art is a break away from tradition, and uses what is found to create playful works of art.

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Images courtesy of Nomerz