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The original building, constructed during World War II in Puck Bay, was used as a watch tower and research facility that developed torpedoes, but became abandoned shortly after. With its unique location, and accessibility only by boat, MFRMGR saw the station as the perfect location for a water sports and research facility that has a feeling of seclusion and discovery.

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The architects’ plan is to expand on the existing building, topping it with an identical second level that will top the observation deck. This new cube will create a roof over the existing patio, which will appear to be a cut-out once the addition is completed. The existing building will be restored, with new window placement, and the addition of a spiral staircase that will connect the new and old portions.

The station will be a comfort facility, with a sauna, storage area and terrace, as well as a dorm-style bedroom that can sleep eight. The upper level will also have a work area for researchers, as well as a lounge. The spectacular station will run on renewable energy from wind and solar panels, and will have a rainwater collection tank that will feed a vegetable and herb garden.

The exciting project is expected to open to the public in 2016.


Via Dezeen