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Faced with grey fiber cement board, this dwelling unit houses a living room/kitchen, a full bathroom and a bedroom. It stands at just about 3.5 meters tall, and can be altered so that all openings become covered in order to transport or lock up the unit for long periods of time. The interiors are lined with Spanish Fir timber panels, which have been dyed white. Overall the material palette of the prefab unit breaths an essence of calmness and balance to any inhabitant.

The sustainable principles of the architectural firm shine through nicely in this design. The prefab dwelling unit is made from materials that can be recycled, are hypoallergenic, and sourced from forests that are regulated through a forest stewardship model. The design allows for maximized connectivity to the outdoors through large openings, and the building is naturally ventilated. A layer of 12cm thick thermal insulation also helps to regulate the building’s indoor temperature.

ÁBATON is manufacturing the ÁPH80 in Spain, and currently the manufacturing time is between 4-6 weeks. It can be assembled within one day in almost any location, and costs approximately 32,000€.


Via Treehugger