With so many freelancers looking for spots in cafes and bars to set up temporary offices, Aberrant Architecture came up with this idea of creating work desks that can double-up as game tables post “office hours”. Designed with London pubs in mind, by day the tables are elegant bureau-style desks, and by night a drawer containing a pub game transforms their unadorned surfaces into spaces ready for some fun-filled socializing and play.

Aberrant Architecture, benchmark, wallpaper, purpose built tables, desks games tables, london pubs, social design, sustainable design, green furniture

The London-based studio collaborated with Benchmark to create the imaginative 2-in-1 concept commissioned by Wallpaper* for their Handmade exhibition. The furniture designs are beautifully built in two different variations – walnut with an ash surface, and cherry with a maple surface. As a quirky addition to the tables, the designers included the old 19th century British pub game ‘Devil Amongst the Tailors’.

+ Aberrant Architecture

+ Wallpaper*

Images courtesy of Aberrant Architecture