Abu Dhabi’s Urban Planning Council recently unveiled their revitalization plan for a messy 1770 hectare sprawl between Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The Shahama and Bahia Revitlization Plan is the result of a concerted collaboration between the Abu Dhabi Municipality, local residents, and prominent community members to develop a coastal upgrade that meets all four pillars of the Estidama sustainability program. The sprawl will be transformed into a pedestrian-friendly, dense, mixed-use complex that makes the most efficient use of natural resources.

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Five ideals emerged from the discussions between planners and the community. These include the need to develop town centers complete with access to public transportation and retail facilities, to make the area pedestrian-friendly, to densify the coastal area, to create a network of pathways, and to ensure the development’s sustainable use of water and energy.

The revitilization plan will transform Al Shahama, Al Bahia, and Coastal Bahia into a more accessible urban environment. Included are plans to develop health, retail, entertainment, educational, and social facilities, meeting all Estidama requirements. And finally, a variety of themed urban parks will create plenty of green spaces, including the Estidama Story Park designed to encourage learning.