The Acca Kappa company has been making high quality hairbrushes since 1869. The family owned business’ new line, BIOCETA, offers an array of sustainable and eco-friendly hair brushes, combs and tooth brushes. Made from biodegradable cellulose acetate, the company sent Inhabitat a few to give a test drive, er… brush!

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The Venice, Italy family was once impressively the official brush supplier of the Royal Family under Queen Elizabeth, and today the company remains Italy’s largest producer of brushes. The BIOCETA line are all finished by hand, and made from biodegradable materials. Smooth and luxurious cellulose acetate is derived from cotton balls and is free of dyes, appearing in a slightly milky transparency. All of the wood used for the hairbrush handles is from sustainably harvested from reforestation programs. Natural wooden bristles and rubber tips are outfitted on each hair brush as well. The cellulose acetate material, similar to plastic, has a biodegration time compared to an oak leaf.

The BIOCETA toothbrush ($7) is outfitted with natural bristles, and is firm without irritating the mouth. Their durable combs  ($16) are sturdy and make hair tangle free, while the pneumatic brush with rounded pins ($40) gives your scalp a relaxing massage as it passes through your hair.

Aside from being sustainable, Acca Kappa’s BIOCETA products are glossy and durable. Just as the company says, the key to healthy hair is not just the shampoo and conditioner you use, but also a quality brush and comb, so why not make it eco-friendly!

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