Image via Food Network

The hosts of the Food Network’s popular cooking shows probably haven’t noticed that many of their recipes are vegan, but someone else out there certainly has. The clever concept of a cunning vegan (or vegans), (Accidentally) Vegan TV is an expertly curated YouTube channel filled with famous chefs like Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray preparing healthy and completely animal-free dishes in front of the camera.

Good Eats – Alton Brown’s hummus, falafel & roasted chickpeas!

While we may be years from having truly vegan cooking shows on network television, or possibly a Vegan Food Network, this YouTube channel is a fun way to pass the time while learning some useful vegan kitchen tips. Here, Gordon Ramsay performs his frantic kitchen dance preparing watercress soup, Emeril BAMS us with some peanut sesame noodles, and Paula Deen cooks without butter. From hummus to veggie burgers, the pros show us how it’s done while keeping the ingredients meat and dairy free.

Interested in learning more? The anonymous curators of this collection also host a blog, a twitter account, and a flickr page with loads of accidental and intentional vegan food recipes.

+ (Accidentally) Vegan TV