When driving along a sprawling motorway towards the UK city of Bristol at night, a massive glowing helicoidal tower welcomes visitors and locals. Installed in 2008, the tower, called Twist, was designed by acclaimed British artists Ackroyd & Harvey. With its light powered by the sun and the wind, the 65-foot high tower has become a permanent landmark in the Southwestern English city.

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Twist takes its name from the twisted helicoidal end that produces energy to light the tower, aided by the wind. Its tall body has been covered with layers of thin dark grey slates — a waste material from the roofing industry — which is widely available and affordable. Able to be interpreted as either an urban monument to sustainable energy, or simply a piece of art, Ackroyd & Harvey’s Twist provides an eye-catching greeting to Bristol’s roadway entrance.

+ Ackroyd & Harvey

Photo © Ackroyd & Harvey