In the mood for a night out in the UK capital? Why not try out one of the premiere sustainable restaurants in London! Acorn House is pitched as London’s first truly eco-friendly training restaurant and describes itself as “set to alter the image of the restaurant industry as well as transform the way in which people eat out.” The innovative restaurant employs an excellent set of sustainable strategies including composting and recycling all of its waste, sourcing local and seasonal ingredients, and training generations of young chefs in the finer points of eco-friendly cuisine. These features have led UK Newspaper The Times to describe Acorn House as “the most important restaurant to open in London in the past 200 years.”

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With fresh seasonal menus and a dedication to healthy eating, environmental responsibility and sustainable agriculture, this revolutionary restaurant offers King’s Cross residents and visitors a unique dining experience.

Acorn House composts and recycles all its waste, sources localy and seasonally grown ingredients, and purifies tap water to minimize glass usage and transport. In terms of its supply chain, the restaurant shuns industrial farming, favors organics and Fairtrade, uses boxes that can be sent back and reused by suppliers, and picks up and delivers produce in its biodiesel car. The restaurant has also initiated a program that will train local youths to become eco-aware chefs.

A three-course dinner for two at Acorn House (complete with organic wine) will cost about £100, so book your tables! The restaurant is situated near King’s Cross St Pancras Station – 69 Swinton Street, London, WC1X 9NT, England.

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