No one likes being startled awake by an alarm clock that sounds like a goose being strangled – if you’re looking for a more serene way to start your day then check out the Acoustic Alarm by Jamie McMahon. Made from birch plywood, walnut, stainless steel and finished with natural wax, this alarm awakens you from your slumber with a softer, natural tone generated by a rotational pick that plucks guitar strings.

The Acoustic Alarm has been hand crafted from 2 mm thick birch plywood, walnut, and stainless steel. The bridges, tuning pegs and string pick have been made from walnut, which provides visual contrast while strengthening the piece’s structure. The stainless steel knobs and switch control the alarm and give the design a retro feel.

The alarm is set by turning the steel knobs to the desired time (top for hours and bottom for minutes) and then flicking the switch to the ‘on’ position. The clock however, does not tell time. Jamie wanted to keep users from watching the clock as they are in bed, freeing them from the bounds of time and allowing them to better relax. Watch a video of the acoustic alarm clock in action above!

+ Jamie McMahon

Via Treehugger