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The houses will feature aflexible floor plan and a unique streamlined build system that will make the buildings affordable and energy-efficient in the long run. The latest automation technology, from lighting and HVAC to security, shading, communications and entertainment, will be included in the design, along with a tight envelope that will allow natural coolingand optimal indoor temperatures throughout the year. The company is planning to roll out pre-designed homes that the future homeowners can choose online.

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“If our future homebuyers apply their monthly energy savings to an accelerated mortgage, we estimate they can save up to $400,000 over 30 years. Just imagine how much you can shift your priorities and your lifestyle,” said Chief Design Officer Jennifer Dickson. She and her business and life partner, Andrew, plan to move into the first prototype with their two daughters and stay for 18 months. This way they will have the opportunity to test out the design firsthand.

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