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ACROS is a surprising building in more ways than one. If you were approaching the building from one side, all you would see is a typical, glass-walled office building. When Emilio Ambasz & Associates designed the building, there were tasked with maintaining the adjacent park, which happened to be the only remaining green space left in the whole city. We think they did a brilliant job of integrating the stepped green roof into the park – it almost appears as if the grass from the roof is spilling right into the grassy knoll with no interruption of flow.

The exterior of the building is certainly impressive but the space inside is well thought out as well. More than one million square feet of space lies under the 14 one-story high terraces, and is more than enough room for the exhibition hall, museum, theater, conference facilities, government and private offices, parking lot and retail spaces.

+ Emilio Ambasz & Associates