Automobiles have pretty bad space economy, but it’s hard to visual just how bad. So a group of Latvian cycling advocates decided to create a visual demonstration for International Car Free Day on September 22. The group rigged up some skeletal car frames onto their bikes and took to the streets to illustrate how much better traffic could be if people swapped out cars for bikes.

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The group made frames out of bamboo in car shapes and strapped them onto their bikes, riding through the streets with their sedan-like skeleton frames. The activists rode through the streets of Riga for several hours in order to demonstrate how silly it is that we use massive vehicular machines to move one single person.


The cycling group, known as Divritenis, was led by bike advocate Viesturs Silenieks who came up with the witty idea. Hopefully their rainy morning commute helped change a few minds about the economy of bikes versus cars.

Via Citylab and Colossal

Images via Let’s Bike It