We’ve counted Adam Kalkin’s incredible shipping container renovations as some of our favorite projects over the past few years, and the artist/architect just unveiled his latest work – a pop-up pirate radio tower designed for the Mis-Design exhibition in Australia. The brightly painted tower turns a shipping container on its end, and it will stand at the entrance to the exhibition, which is hosted conjunction with the Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne University, and State of Design Festival.

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Painted with geometric designs in blue, orange and white, the shipping container was set in place by a giant crane. Kalkin installed a staircase inside the shipping containertower that zig-zags up the inner sides for five storeys. Rectangular windows were cut around the metal façade at the top of the tower to create a viewpoint for the room inside, which houses a fully functioning radio studio.

The project was funded by the Victorian College of the Arts, and it will serve as a catalyst to attract more cultural funding for Victoria, Australia. The radio tower will be broadcasting news about local designers, architects, photographers, poets, musicians and performers.

Kalkin asked interior design students from RMIT University to outfit the interior. The students used reclaimed materials from Pumphouse Design in their plan for the inside of the tower.

During the State of Design Festival, Anya Trybala of yarraReporter will be in control of the programming, inviting local artists to speak. The tower opens on July 22nd with an installation and radio program by RMIT students.

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