Alain Hinant, Brussels, Belgium, single family home, laundry building, renovation, adaptive reuse, art, Uccle, Jean Gilbert, daylight

The 120 square-meter, three-story laundry building used to serve the three neighboring houses in Uccle. The renovations tied the three floors together and allowed for the new single family home to open up and unravel around a central staircase. Skylights above the staircase allow for plenty of natural daylight to flood into the space. Windows at the interior of the building also provide natural daylight and views of the small garden paradise behind the building.

Jean Gilbert’s black and blue painted surfaces create a virtual volume throughout the building’s interior. The black paint is glossy and literally helps to expand the sense of space through its mirror-like appearance. Every layer of the home is engaged by the paint, from the kitchen and living spaces of the ground floor to the sleeping and study rooms of the top floors.

Though architect Alain Hinant designed the renovation of this urban intervention, the owners performed most of the work themselves. Energy upgrades and simple construction methods added significant savings for the owners, and created something the owners can be truly proud of.

Via Dezeen