Adelaide is setting its sights on becoming the world’s first carbon neutral city. The government has set a goal of attracting $10 bn in green investment to South Australia in a new strategy paper, which will be available for public comment. “The federal government’s emissions targets are appallingly low, it means they are giving up on the world staying below a 2C temperature rise,” Ian Hunter, climate change and environment minister for South Australia, told the Guardian.

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“We know we need to decarbonise our economy and we know there is $4bn already in the pipeline for low carbon economic activity. We can’t rest on our laurels,” Hunter said. The plan will focus on improving efficiency in transport and buildings in Adelaide and will even trial a fleet of driverless cars in the city. Improved waste management and recycling is part of the plan and funds will be allocated to help property owners who want to install solar or save energy in their homes.

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Though Adelaide’s government hopes to be the world’s first city to dial back emissions to zero, they have fierce competition. Copenhagen has set a goal to be carbon neutral by 2025, while both Vancouver and Melbourne have plans to achieve zero emissions by 2020. “We will do everything it takes to be first,” Hunter told the Guardian. “I’ve been to Copenhagen to spy on what they are doing. If we are first by one day, that will be fine. We like beating Melbourne.”

Via The Guardian

Lead image via Adelaide City Council, city image via Douglas Barber.