Leading British singer Adele isn’t just rolling in the deep – she’s also rolling in the green! We found out this morning that the chanteuse will be giving her new seaside home in Brighton a solar-powered makeover to make the property more eco-friendly. The solar retrofit will allow the house to be powered without the use of any fossil fuels.

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Brighton, where Adele’s home will be located

Adele, whose net worth of $31.6 million makes her the wealthiest young singer in the United Kingdom, recently purchased the home for $3.2 million. The announcement that her home will run off solar could deflect from unwanted attention she has attracted since buying the home. First the UK press was consumed with rumors that her boyfriend Simon Konecki was moving in with her. Then shortly after signing the paperwork, it was revealed that a millionaire neighbor had plans to build a swimming pool, which would not only encroach on her privacy but block the home’s 180 degree view of the English Channel.

Distractions aside, the solar retrofit is another example of how Adele has embraced a more sustainable lifestyle. After defending her curves ever since she emerged on the scene at age 19, especially after Karl Lagerfeld last year described her as “a little bit fat,” she has taken a slightly different tune. She switched to a vegetarian diet, which resulted in her loss of one stone (14 pounds) and a slimmer look at this year’s Grammys. Adele has given up smoking, too.

The celebrity solar power retrofit is one sign that renewables are on the rebound in the UK. Despite recent austerity measures and a government with an energy policy that focuses on the development of fossil fuels, British private investment in renewables actually increased last year. So could Adele become the Brits’ answer to Leonardo DiCaprio and become a leading voice for sustainability within the UK?

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Photos via Wikipedia (Simon Macsurak), Wikimedia Commons