ADEX is a system for building self-sufficient prefabricated pod houses that are capable of adapting to different sites while meeting the changing needs of their inhabitants. The modular eco houses are constructed from an interlocking system of prefabricated pieces, are capable of gathering renewable resources from their surroundings, and can be installed anywhere with no site-specific requirements.

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The ADEX system is composed of a series of small triangular units that can be easily combined and disassembled, enabling owners to pack-up their entire house whenever they are ready to move. The building modules feature a variety of active and passive systems that take advantage of renewable resources including photovoltaic panels, solar heaters, rainwater storage, and greywater recycling. The construction system itself will be composed of recycled waste material, ensuring that the modular houses have a cradle-to-cradle lifespan.

Designed by Alberto Lara and Paula Noguron, ADEX does not claim to be a direct response to the future of sustainable living, but rather a new way to look at housing in general, providing new solutions for the common-place definition of the word home.

+ Alberto Lara

+ Paula Nogueron

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