The very mention of India all too often evokes images of mundane, densely-populated streets, which is exactly the stereotype Adin Design meant to shake off with this beautiful rainbow-hued facade. Constrained by a small site in a squished Kolkata neighborhood, the International Management Institute’s curved glass envelope completely overcomes the surrounding grey while simultaneously ensuring a sustainable, daylit, and well ventilated learning environment.

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The most advanced technologies have been incorporated into this program to ensure its energy efficiency. Two layers of clear glass provide plenty of daylight while a PVB layer gives the building its requisite insulation. Throughout the structure, open spaces have been encouraged to facilitate healthy levels of ventilation, and a massive skylight in the reception floods the area with natural light. Even the library, which is surrounded by three glass windows and shaded in the back, is light enough during the day to obviate the need for any artificial intervention. This is the brightest learning institute we’ve seen in a while!

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