What if electric lighting during the day became obsolete? The Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has developed an incredible skylight, Lightscoop, that fills an interior with natural light even in the gray days of winter. The new design allows users to adjust skylights dependent on the weather, while also blocking the costly solar gain that can occur during summer.

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The Lightscoop skylights are no less intrusive than installing traditional skylights, but are on a slightly larger scale than average. The problem that home and business owners face when installing skylights, is that although the openings fill interiors with bright, natural light, the large windows can also cause overheating during warmer months. This can mean higher energy usage and utility bills as air conditioners are kicked into high gear to offset the solar gain from the windows and skylights.

LRC has developed a resolution to this duality, designing Lightscoops to be fully adjustable so that hot solar rays can be diverted in summer months. Each Lightscoop system is set up to bring in the same level of lighting that an electric system would, making for an even illumination throughout an office or home. This even distribution of light also cuts down on the heat that excess sunlight can cause. This also means that during winter months, Lightscoops can be opened to let in more light, effectively heating a room with no energy.

The innovative skylights can be manipulated to utilize the free, sustainable power of the sun in any season, cutting energy bills and making for a cleaner home or office.


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