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The L-shaped balcony made out of thermally insulating pine shutters are foldable panels which allow for natural light and ventilation on the interior, as well as heat retention in the winter months. The shutters are separated from the main structure by a perforated wall, which traps air and helps to insulate the family home during wintertime.

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The home is equipped with large floor-to-ceiling windows that line the three walls that lead out to the shuttered deck area. A sliding glass door opens up from the terrace area into an expansive living space on the first floor. On the interior, natural light illuminates the modern and spacious living area. Throughout the home, stark white walls enhance the natural light flowing in through the windows. In order to add the illusion of space to the 275-square-meter home, glass panels were installed along the hallway and a spiral steel staircase leads up to the library and office space on the top floor.

Taking further advantage of the area’s strongest natural resource, the three-storey home has solar panels on the roof, which are used for the home’s energy and hot water supply.

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Photography by Jose Campos