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The compact portable office comprises a single multifunctional room that, despite its compact size, packs a lot of versatility. In the center of the room is a pop-up table with a large opening underneath for storage and ample leg space. When not in use, the table sits flush with the floor and the blue couch on the side can be extended into a full-size futon. Two interior walls are installed with pegboard for extra workspace and up-and-out-of-the-way storage.

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Multiple round-edged windows, including a skylight, flood the all-white interior and light wood floor with natural light. The office’s light color palette, combined with the minimal furniture and flexible storage options, gives the #dojowheel its spacious feel. LED strips are recessed in the walls. FIVE AM doesn’t appear to have any plans to commercialize the #dojowheel, however they are working on creating similar projects.


Images via FIVE AM