LEGO Wildlife Garden, LEGO Windsor, wildlife habitats, LEGO sparrow, LEGO frog, LEGO hedgehog

Legoland Windsor’s new Wildlife Garden has six unique habitats featuring local wildlife and their homes. A wonderful way to raise awareness, the garden was designed as a call on the British public to make a place for wildlife in their own outdoor spaces. One of the animals in the newly opened garden is a spiky hedgehog pictured just outside its LEGO home.

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Another adorable creature is a big-eyed frog that seems to be jumping on a rock near its leafy home. Placed on a tree, a LEGO bat box shelters tiny LEGO bats. And last but not least is an adorable tiny sparrow in a birdbath, which is being watched by a fairy, that offers another example of shelters we can provide for the beautiful creatures living around us.

+ Legoland Windsor

Photos by Mikael Buck