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Lined with light-colored knotty pine, the Tea House includes over a dozen glazed openings to flood the interior with natural light. The walls are fortified with high-density Eco-bat insulation with an R-value of 15 that insulate the building for winter. The project was completed at a cost of just under $34,500.

The home is divided into four main areas: the tearoom, the kitchen, the loft, and the bathroom. Honoring Japanese custom, the tearoom includes traditional elements such as the tatami mats, a tea serving chest, and a square “guest” entry door framed with black walnut accent wood. The tearoom steps down into the fully equipped kitchen with a 5-foot-long red oak butcher counter that is built with a sink, fridge, freezer, storage, and a two-burner gas recessed range.

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The loft is located directly above the kitchen and is accessible via a red oak sliding ladder. The loft is made up of 3 two-and-a-half-inch-thick tatami mats held within a pine and black walnut frame. Skylights bring natural light and views of the tree canopy into the loft. The bathroom includes a Nature’s Head composting toilet, gas on-demand hot water heater, and an Ofulo 1-TP Japanese soaking tub with stainless steel surround.

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