These stylish rocking chairs are crafted from salvaged ski gondolas by Adrien Rovero. The chairs, dubbed ‘Rock’, are part of a larger project organized by Mountain Climbers, a group which combines sustainable design with charitable efforts. Each of the rockers is crafted from a gondola lift and then decorated by a different artist, architect or designer to create an thoroughly unique work.

Adrien rovero, rock, mountain climers, recycled materials, sustainable deisgn, annik wetter, green furniture

After the ski gondola chairs are exhibited around Switzerland, the cool designs will be sold at an auction from which all the proceeds will be donated to Make-A-Wish Foundation. The team aim to continue the project over the next three years, so we can expect a whole lot more dismantled ski icons to be transformed into fantastic designs.

+ Adrien Rovero

+ Mountain Climbers

Images courtesy of Annik Wetter