By the Qiongzhou Strait in China, the Haikou Jiangdong New Zone is an area being developed with new industrial headquarters. Aedas has been recently awarded the SHCCIG (Hainan) International Industrial Headquarters where they plan to create new sustainable buildings.

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Renderings of the headquarters

Both client and designer see this as an opportunity to strengthen the region with smart infrastructure. Haikou has a tropical climate, so a wide linear block layout has been adopted to maximize views of the nearby sea and to make the most of the climate by optimizing sunlight exposure and ventilation.

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Many city buildings together

Meanwhile, staff will live in a part of this headquarters where there will be commercial, residential, and staff training and meeting areas. “It is designed to be an ecology-oriented benchmark for the whole free trade zone,” says Kevin Wang, Aedas Global Design Principal.

A black and white photo displaying information for the headquarters

The buildings are also expected to achieve the highest Green Building Label in China. In addition, a double-layered louvered facade helps moderate heat transfer and maintain fresh air within the building.

Glass facade of the HQ

The ground floor is half sunken to create a multi-layered public space. This allows for scenic views on the ground floor and more light to reach the basement level for minimizing energy use and maximizing visitor wellness. It’s intended to create a sort of urban living room feel, the designers say.

A courtyard area in front of the HQ

The buildings are set into four blocks to represent the energy sources associated with the company, which still integrates coal but also uses chemical, steel and electricity as symbols of the company that is reinventing itself for a sustainable future.

“The ecological headquarters will be a vibrant live-work hub, which aggregates the intelligent clusters and diverse businesses in Haikou,” says Wang. The building is still in the planning stages, but Aedas anticipates the use of a full set of clean energy systems.

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Images via Aedas