Since public urination seems to be a widespread problem at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, two organizations have banded together to turn that pee into power. The Electric Pee project, by AfroReggae and JWT Brazil, will place urinals around the city for festival goers to use. As the pee flows into the receptacles, it is converted into energy that is then stored in a battery, which powers AfroReggae’s Carnival truck.

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During Carnival, drunken festival goers end up taking to the streets to relieve themselves, to the chagrin of local police, who end up citing many for public urination. Millions flock the streets of Rio de Janiero to party for three days, making for a lot of full bladders. In order to combat the pee problem, AfroReggae decided to turn that problem into power, which is then used to blast music in their Carnival truck.

Special electro-pee urinals are placed in the most crowded areas around the festival, giving visitors a place to relieve themselves. As the urine flows, the receptacles act like small hydroelectric plants, turning gears which create electricity. The power is stored in large batteries in each electric urinal, which are then collected by AfroReggae and loaded onto their truck. The batteries are then used to power the truck’s sound system which brings music to the street party.

Since public urination is a fact of Carnival, AfroReggae decided to turn those lemons into lemonade- or free pee power.

+ AfroReggae

+ JWT Brazil