The Solar Impulse 2 landed in Chongqing, China, on March 31, where the team planned to stay for just a few days before embarking on the next leg of their epic solar-powered round-the-world flight. Unfortunately, poor weather conditions kept the plane grounded for almost three weeks. The solar-powered airplane finally launched early this morning, April 21, and is now headed for their final stop in China at Nanjing, where the solo-manned plane is expected to land after the 17-hour flight. The stop in Nanjing will be the last on the Asian continent before the record-breaking aircraft takes off for to cross the Pacific Ocean on its way to Hawaii. Of the delays that kept the plane grounded in China these past few weeks, pilot Bertrand Piccard said, “You can believe that your will can influence the weather, but then you’ll be really disappointed because it doesn’t work. Or you just know that it’s an adventure you do with the forces of nature.”

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Images via Solar Impulse