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Villarreal detailed the steps involved when he and his team in Mexico decided to transforms the book’s colorful pages into the EOSkate. First, they cut and folded the pages, which they used to create various gradients and patterns. In order to “freeze” these designs, they stuck them in a bath of resin.

They then made a mold from a standard wooden skateboard, careful to match up their patterns with the dimensions and size. They created several such prototypes until they were satisfied with the results. The other designers invited to participate in this interesting experiment include Ariel Rojo, Cecilia León de la Barra, Emiliano Godoy, Héctor Esrawe, Jorge Moreno, Marcela Compeán, Mariano García, Ricardo Casas, Giovanni Estrada, and José Alfredo Silva.


images by Isaac Smeke via AGENT’s Facebook page

Via Core77