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The different planes that form the roof of La Ascensión del Señor feature apertures that allow light to reach the interior. The planes help to distinguish the various interior spaces, each of which can be used for a different function. “One of these folds steeps up to become the bell tower, though no bells have been installed due to the economic situation,” the architects told Dezeen. Other economic considerations include simple construction techniques and materials such corrugated steel sheets, false ceilings and partitions made of gypsum board.

A series of connecting doors open the building up to the stone-tiled courtyard for community activities. The firm calls the space “A stone carpet that is unfolded to enter the main space of the church in an arrangement that facilitates the participation of the entire assembly in the liturgy.”

Two smaller courtyards complement the main space and connect the areas that contain the baptismal font, the penitential chapel and the sacristy. These areas are used to host activities including markets, cinema screenings, religious teaching classes and quiet contemplation. As stated on the architects’ website; “this church is very close to the community, reaching the transcendental through the existing social problems and needs. Our goal has been to open the space for community use, making it more human”.

+ AGi Architects

Via Dezeen

Images by Miguel de Guzmán