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Aground City Mixuro, Aground City Valencia, Falla Valencia, bonfire Valencia, Falla Castielfabib 2014, discarded material, reused building materials, cardboard installation, cardboard geodesic dome, geodesic dome, waste material reuse

Inspired by the city’s collective attempts to help a beached whale, Mixuro decided to involve neighborhood residents, kids and friends in the making of their cardboard structure. After conducting a survey among the participants of the workshop about the way they would help their city, the team translated their opinions into colors. Four different color schemes became part of personalized kits.

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Each participant received a component in the shade of yellow, pink, orange or peach, depending on how they answered a set of questions regarding city improvement strategies. The focus of the questions ranged from public transportation and the introduction of more bike lanes to reclaiming public spaces.

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The dome is composed of triangles of variable sizes assembled using materials discarded by the furniture industry, company closeouts and city museums. Strips of wood, cardboard tubes and screws were used to hold together the triangular elements, while water and latex paint were used to seal the holes. At the end of the event the geodesic dome was set aflame in a celebratory ceremony.

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