Brut” is a monolithic stool and barbecue set designed by Agustina Bottoni that is produced by casting a compound of cement and coconut coir (an agricultural waste). Bottoni’s low-tech, DIY casting process uses accessible products – most of which are available at IKEA stores. The recycled material has proven to be water and fireproof, which makes it ideal for springtime barbecues.

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Agustina Bottoni‘s coconut coir and cement mixture is compressed into a reusable mold, which is actually a domestic plastic container. The fibrous compound is so strong that doesn’t need any inner reinforcement. The use of coconut coir – an organic element – gives the lightweight but strong compound a unique texture with more warmth than concrete. The durable pieces of furniture can be produced on a small scale at an extremely low cost.

+ Agustina Bottoni