If you liked Ai Weiwei’s incredible Forever Bicycles installation at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM) in 2011, its recreation for this year’s La Nuit Blanche all-night culture festival in Toronto will blow you away! The world-renowned Chinese artist and activist created a gigantic, 100-foot-long and 30-foot-wide installation out of 3,144 bicycles to generate awareness of transportation’s impact on the environment.

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Located in Toronto’s Nathan Phillips Square, the installation comprises 3,144 interconnected bicycles that form a three-dimensional structure. The artist took an everyday object-the bicycle-and used it in an abstract and symbolic way. It is a spectacular labyrinthian structure that plays with different visual effects. Viewed from different angles, it can take on an abstract quality and transform itself into a kind of blurry urban mirage. People can navigate through it and experience it as a space that appears to be moving.

The installation dominates the space in front of Toronto’s city hall and acts as a centerpiece of this year’s art event and will remain on display until October 27, 2013.

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