Air Canada has joined the growing number of airlines currently investing in green technology, launching their first biofueled plane this past Monday. The flight traveled from Toronto to Mexico City, powered on a combination of recycled cooking oil and traditional jet fuel. The flight kicks off an eco-conscious initiative by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for the Rio +20 conference.

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The Air Canada Airbus 319 took off from Toronto, carrying ICAO director Raymond Benjamin to a brief stop in Mexico City, before heading to Rio de Janeiro for the Rio +20 conference. Recycled cooking oil was chosen as one of the fuels for the flight, to prove that industry leaders in aviation could operate effectively and efficiently, while drastically reducing carbon emissions. Air Canada is the largest airline in Canada, and used this position to set an environmentally active example for other airlines to follow.

With the recycled cooking oil biofuel and jet fuel combination, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced a whopping forty percent or more per flight, as compared to emissions from use of jet fuel alone. This significant difference could have great environmental effects. Benjamin, as well as Airbus CEO Fabrice Bregier, are using the Air Canada flight as a plea for commercial and governmental support for the introduction of biofuels into everyday commercial flights.

Benjamin’s trip to Rio de Janeiro was performed in four segments for the press. From Montreal he flew to Toronto, then Mexico City, followed by Sao Paulo then Rio de Janiero, and each flight was powered by a combination of biofuel and jet fuel.

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