Sometimes nature just does it better. Aircraft manufacturer Airbus recently released their vision for the future sustainable aviation, and part of that vision includes flying jets in the same formation as a flock of birds, an idea which would reduce energy use and carbon emissions.

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By flying jets in the familiar cluster that birds use while traveling, Airbus claims that jets could reduce drag while flying. This would improve efficiency and, along with other energy-saving ides, could cut fuel consumption by 15% and reduce carbon emissions by 28 million tons each year. It’s all part of the company’s sustainable travel initiative called ‘Smarter Skies.’

Along with the flock formation, Airbus also recommended launching aircraft through an assisted-launch, much like those used on aircraft carriers, for a quicker and steeper climb. When landing, Airbus suggests that aircraft be allowed to glide during approach, eliminating the heavy use of engine thrust and air braking. According to the company, “Our focus at Airbus is on meeting… continuous growth in demand, keeping the passenger, our customers and the environment at the center of our thinking.”

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