Airbnb, the online service that allows homeowners to rent out their house, condo, or even couch to people passing through town, is now considering adding a car sharing service to make it easier for renters to get around their destination. The site recently sent out surveys to its members, asking if they would consider renting their car out in addition to their home or on its own.

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When questioned about the possibility of starting a car sharing service, Airbnb said is leaning toward partnering with an existing car sharing service. But would you rent out your car to strangers? When you think about it, it’s no weirder than letting them crash in your bed while you’re out of town.

Airbnb is likely working out issues of insurance, both for drivers and its members, who recently called for security of their assets when one member’s home was vandalized by a renter (Airbnb responded with a $50,000 home owner insurance guarantee). We love Airbnb and think they’re going to get this right, offering car rentals for a fraction of the commercial cost — just as they are doing with hotels.

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