While the concept of dry-cleaning isn’t foreign, a waterless (and detergentless!) home washing machine sure sounds too good to be true for the green-minded consumer. Enter Airwash, the “waterless washing machine for the home of 2020,” one of the winners of the recent INDEX Awards: Design To Improve Life Competition. Innovative in both form and function, the design was submitted by two students from Singapore, Gabriel Tan & Wendy Chua, after it won the prestigious ElectroLux Design Lab Award back in 2005. Using negative ions, compressed air and deodorants to clean clothes, the gracefully shaped and eco-friendly appliances will have your whites whiter and colors brighter in a matter of minutes.

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Airwash’s form was inspired by the waterfall, which may seem ironic giving the lack of water the machine requires. Airwash can be used for cleaning garments of all kinds, even delicates fabrics, making conventional dry cleaning obsolete. The result is a beautifully designed and very green appliances that takes a forward-thinking and sustainable approach to a mundane daily task.

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